3 top tips for shelf-ready packaging

Shelf Ready packaging

One of the ultimate goals of many FMCG manufacturers is to get their products stocked in the major supermarkets. Doing so comes with many shelf-ready packaging (SRP) requirements that vary between each of the major brands. We’ve put together 3 top tips for shelf-ready packaging to help you.

Echo Cartons is a trusted packaging supplier to many FMCG brands. We ensure that their products arrive through the supply chain to the retailers in excellent condition.

More importantly, we also help ensure that the shelf-ready packaging meets the strict criteria set by the major supermarkets, helping manufacturers avoid costly penalties.


Here are our three top tips to ensure your packaged goods tick all the boxes:

Tip 1 – The product is the hero.

In most cases SRP is secondary packaging, remember that your product is the actual hero that needs to stand out. When the lid of your SRP is torn away for display on the shelf, only a thin strip of the SRP is left remaining to be seen on the front face, with your product ‘shining’ above it.  Keep the print simple and let your inner product packaging and branding do the work.

Tip 2 – Get the dimensions right.

Confirm with the retailer how much space you have.  How many faces?  How deep on the shelf? You are trying to find the right balance between an easy to tear and display box, and also one that is strong enough to survive the supply chain. Smaller flutes give a nicer perforation but may not survive the trip.

Tip 3 – Make it customer friendly.

Marketing and packaging engineering should work together to create shelf-ready packaging that consumers find easy to shop. The best shelf-ready packaging helps consumers quickly identify the product and grab it.


We hope these 3 top tips for shelf-ready packaging help you determine your packaging needs.

Still unsure?  Our expert team can help you design and manufacture shelf-ready packaging that meets the requirements of all the major supermarket and retail brands. If you need an expert local packaging supplier to help you get your products retail ready, contact us today.

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