Advantages of using corrugated cardboard packaging

Product manufacturers know the importance of getting their packaging right. Getting the right solution that meets all the criteria for strength, security, brand, freight, and cost efficiency is not as simple as just selecting a box.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the most popular packaging choices for several reasons.

Protecting your goods with quality packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging protects your goods safely throughout the delivery chain. Your goods are held securely in place on what can be a rough journey. Corrugated cardboard is strong, durable and the thickness of the cardboard provides effective cushioning against the inevitable movements through postal and courier delivery. Customised packaging, designed specifically for your product can ensure it doesn’t move throughout that process. Corrugated cardboard filler can also be used to add another layer of protection to your goods.

Freight cost efficiency

Corrugated cardboard boxes are some of the most cost-effective packaging options available. The lightweight nature of cardboard packaging is another reason for it being a superior choice. When freight expense is a standard part of your operational costs, every gram counts and having a low-weight packaging option for shipping helps to keep costs down and look after your budget. Even fragile products that require a thicker packaging option will still find that corrugated cardboard boxes provide a cost-effective outcome.

Packaging that highlights your brand and design

Just because it’s cardboard it doesn’t need to be boring. Customising your packaging with your brand allows for you to create a memorable customer experience when customers have their goods delivered. Corrugated cardboard can be printed in a wide range of ways to deliver a striking impression that doesn’t need to break the budget. We have helped customers save thousands of dollars by changing from an expensive four colour litho box to a two colour flexo printed box, while still producing an impressive piece of packaging.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our cardboard boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable, ensuring both you and your customers can minimise the use of plastic packaging materials. 100% of our trimmings, offcuts, and production waste are collected and recycled into paper pulp to reuse. Cardboard boxes also have secondary uses after being delivered to the end customer, furthering their sustainability.

We make packaging easy

We have a range of corrugated cardboard boxes already in stock which are available on our online store. You can also talk to us about custom packaging and our inhouse design team can help you create beautiful packaging that heroes your brand. Get in touch with us today.

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