Why choose an Australian packaging manufacturer

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Australia’s supply chains continue to be impacted by the Covid crisis, with staff shortages due to illness the latest difficulty for businesses at all levels. One way to help reduce the number of steps in your supply chain is to source your packaging from a local Australian packaging manufacturer like Echo Cartons.

No shipping or customs barriers:

Local companies can usually supply orders more responsively than those shipped in from overseas. Our standard lead time at Echo Cartons is five days.

Creating local employment with local packaging:

Supporting businesses within your community enables manufacturers to prosper, creating employment opportunities for those in the local area. They, in turn, spend in their community, making a broader positive impact within the local economy.

Environmental benefits by using Australian packaging:

With less transportation of your packaging products, it reduces your overall manufacturing carbon footprint.

Cost effectiveness of Australian packaging:

The cost of locally manufactured boxes is highly competitive and has the added benefit of helping you reduce costs associated with storing large quantities of packaging.

Local manufacturing offers many advantages, and Echo Cartons has a proud reputation as a premier cardboard box manufacturer supplying quality custom cardboard boxes. Choose an Australian packaging manufacturer for a reliable local packaging solution.

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