Corrugated Box Inserts: Dividers, Pads and Partitions

Are you packaging products which require an extra layer of protection when stored or transported?

Do you need to ensure that your goods cannot move around inside the box?

Whether it be partitions to protect glassware and bottles, or a dust cover to prevent contamination, Echo Cartons can produce a wide range of corrugated cardboard partitions, dividers and inserts to help protect your goods.

Custom cardboard box inserts

It is important to customise cardboard box inserts and partitions to suit your box and the products inside. Cardboard pads can be cut to any size to be used as dividers between products or between layers of products.

Corrugated cardboard can be creased and cut to size to create lids and transit covers used in Half-Slotted Cartons. If you’re selling products to the major grocery chains, some will require you to use one of these.

Stop product movement in transit

Have dead space in your packaging that needs to be filled to stop product movement in transit? Rolled cardboard void fillers can be created by cutting and creasing the corrugated cardboard to fill that space.

Protect goods with corrugated cardboard partitions

Need to divide product inside your packaging to avoid items rubbing together and damaging the print? Or even worse, damaging the other products in the box? We can cut dividers and partitions to fit your product exactly, allowing you to pack product tightly and more securely.

Corrugated cardboard manufactured in Melbourne

Whether you order inserts, partitions or cardboard dividers for your boxes – they are all made locally in Melbourne. Echo Cartons manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes and cardboard box inserts at our factory in Braeside, Melbourne.

We can design partitions for protection, fitments to add stacking strength, or die cut inserts to help display your product in the most beautiful way.

How do I know what sort of fitment can help solve my packaging problem?

There are pros and cons associated with each solution. The best solution for protection can also be completely uneconomical to produce, so contact us at Echo Cartons to get expert advice on finding the right solution for your boxes at the right price.

How long does it take to produce custom cardboard packaging inserts?

Echo Cartons has a range of high-tech machines that are capable of producing custom size boxes and cardboard packaging inserts. We maintain capacity on our machines to ensure that we can respond to urgent customer requests.

Why choose Echo Cartons for my cardboard packaging inserts?

It is critical that businesses seek out an experienced and trustworthy packaging supplier that can help guide them. At Echo Cartons, we have over two decades of experience in the packaging industry. We have provided outstanding packaging solutions to businesses in a huge range of industries.

Request a quote for custom cardboard packaging inserts, dividers and partitions

Corrugated cardboard inserts are a valuable addition to most boxes. They can help your boxes withstand the rigours of shipping and ensure they meet detailed specifications for retailers and suppliers.

To start your order with Echo Cartons, request an obligation-free quote from our team.

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