Corporate Gift Packaging Ideas

Corporate Gift Packaging Ideas for Your Business

Everyone enjoys the feeling of receiving a gift – even more so when it’s a surprise. Corporate gift packaging is a great way to surprise and build connections with your clients and employees. Here are our top tips for designing the best corporate gift boxes and five ideas for the ideal occasions to send them.

What is corporate packaging?

Corporate packaging is used to deliver branded items to employees, existing clients and new prospects. Businesses will often create custom corporate packaging for their clients and employees. The purpose of these gift boxes is to create a touchpoint with the receiver; building positive sentiment and a deeper connection with your brand.

It can be hard to decide what is an appropriate gift. To help you out, we’ve jotted down a few ideas:

  • Practical items like water bottles, coffee cups, tote bags and umbrellas
  • Apparel items like socks, hats, t-shirts and hoodies
  • Industry gifts like a magazine subscription or a membership to an industry body
  • Sweet treats like cookies, chocolates and candy
  • Pamper gifts like candles and skincare
  • Office gifts like pens, notepads, mouse pads and coasters

For your corporate gift boxes to really make an impact, it can help to relate your gift to your business. For example, an insurance company might gift a branded umbrella with a note on the box that says, ‘We’re here for you on rainy days’.

A note on the rules of corporate gifting

When you’re gifting to employees or close colleagues, most gifts are considered acceptable. But when it comes to client gifts – you want to be sure to follow the rules. Certain industries and organisations have strict guidelines on giving and receiving gifts. These are designed to help minimise the risks of bribery.

It’s common for government and not-for-profit organisations to list their gift giving policies. Some industries, like media and pharmaceuticals, also have publicly available guidelines. Before gifting, check the company guidelines and any laws in your state.

Generally acceptable corporate gifts include:

  • Inexpensive items
  • Perishable gifts like food
  • Meals where a representative of both parties is present

Why give corporate gifts to clients?

Whether it’s building a great first impression with a new client or showing respect to an existing one, corporate gift boxes say – we value you.

Another benefit to corporate gifting is the potential for increased brand awareness. Gifting practical products like tote bags, apparel and pens makes them more likely to be used by the receiver. This can help improve brand recognition and recall – both with the original gift receiver and anyone they share the item with.

Why give corporate gifts to employees?

Sending corporate gifts to your employees is a fantastic way to show your appreciation. This can help improve employee retention and build your reputation as a great place to work. It’s possible your employee will even share their gift on social media, boosting brand reach and positive sentiment.

5 corporate gift packaging ideas

Not sure when and why to send corporate gift boxes? Here are 5 easy corporate gift packaging ideas.

Welcome a new client

This has to be the most popular reason that businesses choose to send gift boxes. For example, real estate agents might design a custom printed box to welcome new homeowners to their midst. It might include info packs for settlement and handover, plus a congratulatory gift.

Celebrate a milestone with loyal customers and employees

Whether it’s a client or an employee, loyalty is worth celebrating. You can use corporate gift packaging to celebrate various milestones, such as:

  • Many years of service from an employee
  • Congratulate an employee on their new family member
  • A milestone anniversary with a customer, like 5 or 10 years from when they joined your business

Make remote onboarding a breeze 

With the rise of remote working, corporate gift boxes are a great way to enhance the onboarding experience. You can send a welcome pack to new employees that includes your business overview, branded products and sweet treats.

Boost brand affinity with corporate gift boxes for the holidays

Seasonal gifting is still big in the business world. From Christmas and Easter to Ramadan and Hanukkah, almost every culture has a special holiday to celebrate. You definitely don’t have to honour them all, but it’s worth considering which ones are most relevant to your business.

Learn how to make the best holiday boxes with our guide to seasonal packaging.

Improve your marketing with a corporate gift box

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to get your brand name noticed. If you have a product-based business, you can use a corporate gift box to highlight your wares and introduce your brand to new audiences. This is an ideal way to get in front of prospective customers.

Tips for designing corporate gift boxes

Many businesses focus on what’s inside of their gift boxes. While that is important, the box function and design are part of the experience too. Here are our expert tips for designing the best corporate gift packaging.

Select your gift before your packaging

The most impressive corporate gift boxes are custom designed to fit the products inside. By selecting your gift items first, you can design a box that shows them off. With the dimensions in hand, we can design partitions that keep your gift items safe during delivery. Another nice touch is internal printing; use it to write a note in your box and enhance the unboxing experience.

Design a strong box

Many corporate gifts include fragile items – such as wine bottles, glassware, candles or foods. To make sure your gift arrives in perfect condition, talk to your packaging supplier about designing a stronger box.

Die cut boxes work great for corporate gifting

One of the most popular box styles for corporate gifting are die cut mailer boxes. These boxes are easy to assemble, present well to your gift receiver and offer lots of options for custom design. We highly recommend die cut boxes, but if you want to explore more box styles, you can check the Style Gallery.

Find packaging suppliers who do small runs

Some packaging suppliers have a minimum order size, such as 100 boxes. Only very large businesses would be in the market for 100 gift boxes. Luckily, with Echo Cartons – you can order only what you need. We are experts in short runs and will manufacture custom corporate packaging in any quantity you desire.

Quality packaging, made in Melbourne

Echo Cartons have more than 20 years’ experience in corrugated box manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our friendly team, fast service and great quality boxes. Based in Braeside, Melbourne; we’re the packaging supplier of choice for Australian SME’s. When you’re ready to kickstart a packaging order – simply request a quote.

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