Cost-effective gift boxes

Our good friends at Munash Organics are makers of indoor and outdoor organic gardening products.

They also combine their beautiful printed brochures and materials with our packaging to create cost-effective gift boxes that are unique and stylish.

Using your existing branded collateral

Utilising the marketing materials you already have on hand is an excellent way of creating cost-effective yet impactful, gift packaging solutions. You have already invested in your branded marketing materials, so using what you have makes good sense. You don’t need to repeat the process with custom printed outer packaging.

The gift packs available at Munash Organics showcase a great example of keeping the box simple and highlighting their brand and certified organic garden products.

Environmentally friendly gift boxes

We also support the sustainable nature of their products. Our cardboard boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable, ensuring both you and your customers can minimise the use of plastic packaging materials.

To find out more about how we can help you create great gift packs for your products, get in touch with us.

To find out how Munash Organics can help you care for your indoor and outdoor plants, visit their website.

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