Die Cut Boxes

Die cut cardboard boxes typically allow you to assemble the packaging without the need for tape. They are a simple and strong way to package goods while also improving the presentation of your product.

With custom printing and designs, you can also highlight your brand for a memorable unboxing experience.

Die cut cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping around Australia

Custom die cut boxes are ideally suited to sending small items through a postage or delivery system. They are also excellent as a presentation box to the end customer.

Die cut cardboard boxes are sturdy enough for shipping around Australia, small enough to reduce shipping costs and attractive enough to impress your end customer. These factors help explain why die cut packaging is a preferred choice for online retailers.

Various die cut box designs

There are many variants, and the right design often depends upon the combination of dimensions. Most commonly we see:

  • FEFCO 0427
  • FEFCO 0471
  • FEFCO 0426

These are standard die cut boxes, but they can all be modified to have tuck in tops, tuck in ears, extra locking tabs, extra flaps and more. That is the beauty of choosing a die cut box, we can modify them completely to meet your needs.

ecommerce packaging cardboard box
Echo Carton internal printing

Ideal boxes for quick assembly

Quick to assemble and having the ability to provide excellent protection through the delivery chain, die cut boxes can be an outstanding packaging solution.

At Echo Cartons, we have state-of-the-art box machines to produce beautifully designed die cut boxes either plain or printed, at great quality and high speed.


Made in Melbourne

Echo Cartons are Australian cardboard box suppliers with a factory in Braeside, Melbourne. We partner with SMEs around Australia to provide the ideal cardboard packaging for their business needs – whether that’s die cut boxes, RSCs, HSCs or any other box style.


Experts in custom boxes

Die cut boxes are one of our favourites because they have endless ability for custom design. You can keep things simple with a one- or two-colour box. Or you can go all-in with full-colour design, internal printing and custom box partitions.

We understand that reducing costs can be important and will be happy to advise on the ideal custom die cut boxes for your budget. We have helped many businesses in Melbourne find the best packaging solution at the ideal price.

Are a die cut boxes the right packaging solution for me?

If presentation is most important to you, then you should definitely be looking at die cut packaging. However, you should be aware that there are upfront tooling costs, so your required quantity needs to be reasonable.

If lowest unit price is your motivating factor, then we recommend Regular Slotted Containers.

How much is tooling for die cut boxes?

This depends on many factors. How big is the box? How intricate is the design? What is the likely order quantity? Why do we need to know all this? Well sometimes a higher upfront tooling cost can result in a much lower unit cost. Speak to our experts to help you assess this.

Why choose Echo Cartons for my die cut cardboard boxes?

It is critical that businesses seek out an experienced and trustworthy packaging provider that can help guide them. At Echo Cartons, we have over two decades of experience in the packaging industry. We have provided outstanding packaging solutions to businesses in a huge range of industries. Contact us at Echo Cartons to see how we can help your business today.

Order die cut boxes from a trusted Melbourne supplier

Ready to begin? Simply request a quote on the website and one of our team will contact you to help determine the right packaging solution for your needs.

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