Different types of corrugated boxes

Different types of boxes

Understanding the different types of corrugated boxes available to you is important in deciding which design will meet your needs without wasted time or money. So, we’re breaking down three types of boxes to choose from, plus the different styles you can manufacture them in.

What are corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes are layered, featuring a mix of fluted (or curved) cardboard and flat linerboard. The corrugation helps make these boxes stronger – so they’re ideal for shipping, packaging and display purposes.

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How many types of corrugated boxes are there?

When we talk about box types, we’re really talking about the layer options. There are three types of corrugated boxes that can be manufactured into a wide range of styles to suit your needs.

Type 1: Single Wall

This is the simplest and lightest corrugated box type. It is made by sandwiching a single layer of corrugated cardboard between two layers of flat linerboard. You can customise your flute size to suit your purposes. For example, a single-walled box with a very small flute size is typical for retail packaging and online orders.

Type 2: Double Wall

A double-wall box features two layers of corrugated cardboard, plus three layers of flat linerboard. The linerboard creates both the outer walls of your box and is also placed in between the corrugated layers.

Double-wall designs are highly customisable. You don’t have to use the same flute size for both layers of corrugated board. Depending on how you’ll use your boxes, we can select flute sizes that improve strength or are ideal for printing designs onto.

Type 3: Triple Wall

The final type is triple-wall. It features three layers of corrugated cardboard between flat linerboard. Echo Cartons don’t manufacture triple-wall boxes but that’s only because we know how efficient single- and double-wall boxes can be. Designing with fewer layers also helps build cost-effective boxes – which we know is important to many of our clients.

The different styles of corrugated boxes

Where types of boxes refers to the layers, styles are about finding the best design and assembly option for your needs. We manufacture a wide range of box styles and frequently handle custom designs. Here are a few of the standard and specialty box styles that Echo Cartons can assist with:

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)

The original box design, regular slotted cartons feature flaps on both ends that allow you to seal it up. They’re a feature of supply chains around the world and are used for general shipping and transport purposes, storage and displays.

Half Slotted Cartons (HSC)

Take the RSC and remove one of the flap openings; you have yourself a half slotted carton. The HSC has many uses, but one of the most common is shipping and displaying items in bulk. In fact, some retailers even request this style in their delivery chains.

Folder Style Boxes

Do you have long, flat or thin items that are best transported and stored lying down? Then you’re after a folder style box. We can manufacture any size to suit large items, like window frames and doors, or small items, like books and mirrors.

Die Cut Boxes

When the presentation of your box is most important, you should consider a die cut box. These are frequently used for online retail to deliver goods safely and beautifully to customers. They are also easy to print with your brand.

Shelf-Ready Boxes

 Echo Cartons are specialists in boxes made for retail shelves. Our shelf-ready packaging meets the requirements of all major retailers to help shorten approval times and get your goods in front of customers.

Gift & Presentation Boxes

Based on the profile of your products, we can custom-design a presentation box or gift set packaging to keep them secure and stylish. Your brand will be front and centre with flexographic printing for your boxes as well.

How do you choose the right corrugated box?

How do you go about finding the right corrugated box? The best method is to ask an expert. With decades of experience in box manufacturing, our team can help you decide which box will fulfil all your needs. We have the insider knowledge to make your boxes functional while also staying cost-effective. Request a quote to get started.

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