Echo Boxes Online: Our New Digital Print Service

We have some exciting news to kick off 2024 – Echo Cartons is expanding with a new digital printing service and a new brand to match.

Echo Boxes Online is a self-service platform helping you design your own packaging boxes. It’s also the new home for our stock box shop.

We realise these changes might come as a surprise as the news has been kept under wraps for some time. But rest assured, not much is changing at Echo Cartons.

To help you decide which brand is right for you, here’s a rundown of their services.

Design your own packaging with Echo Boxes Online

We’re placing the power of great packaging in your hands. With Echo Boxes Online, you can design your packaging in 7 steps:

1. Select your packaging

Choose a box style and the size you would like

2. Download the template

Download the free design template for your box

3. Get creative

Add your design to the blank template

4. Upload your design

Save as PDF and upload onto your order

5. Choose the quantity

Select how many boxes you would like printed

6. Check the finer details

One last review of your order

7. Finalise and pay

Complete checkout and we’ll start making your order

From classic RSC boxes to mailer boxes, shipping boxes and die cut designs – we have free design templates ready to download for all the most popular styles.

This service is made possible by the high-speed flatbed digital corrugated printer that we recently installed. It prints rich, 4-colour designs using CMYK colours onto uncoated white or brown corrugated cardboard.

If it’s your first-time designing packaging, we recommend downloading our free Print Guidelines. It covers all the important tips for getting the best printed packaging – like which design platform to use, how to handle graphics or imagery and what size to make your text.

To learn more about our new brand or get designing – head to

Great customer service and flexo printing at Echo Cartons

For more than 25 years, Echo Cartons have been helping Australian SMEs with attractive and functional corrugated packaging. We have no plans to change this – we’re simply expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers.

At Echo Cartons, you can still expect great customer service and fast flexographic printing. With in-house design capabilities, we can also help you create your custom packaging.

As we like to say – no packaging solution is too hard, some just require a little more thought. We are here to help you understand our industry and order the right packaging for your business.

To learn more about packaging, read the latest news or view our downloadable resources. When you’re ready to order, simply request a quote.

The stock box shop has moved

The only change that is happening at Echo Cartons is that we have moved the stock box shop to a new home. It joins our new brand, Echo Boxes Online.

We have made this change to help streamline the online ordering process for you. It means all our self-service boxes, instant quotes and online payments are on the same website.

The process for ordering remains the same:

  • Select your preferred box style
  • Add to cart
  • Complete checkout

Your boxes will also be ready for delivery or pickup within 2 business days, as usual. Visit the new website to place an order for stock boxes.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing

Like many businesses today, we are focused on improving our sustainability. We have taken a number of steps already – including installing solar power, using electric forklifts and recycling 100% of our manufacturing offcuts.

We will continue to upgrade our factory to help provide our customers with options for responsible manufacturing.

Every box you order, whether from Echo Cartons or Echo Boxes Online, is made at our factory in Braeside, Melbourne. That means our commitment to better manufacturing is shared by both brands.

Still have questions? Get in touch

We hope this has answered all your questions about our new brand and the digital printing service. We are excited to see what designs you come up with.

If you had another question that wasn’t answered here, please contact our team.

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