The ‘five easies’ of shelf-ready packaging

Collectively known as ‘the five easies’, industry guidelines exist to ensure that all parties through the supply chain produce shelf-ready packaging (SRP) that meets the needs of all stakeholders involved – the supplier, the retailer and the consumer. Echo Cartons follows these best practices to help you design your shelf-ready packaging.

Easy to identify.

Design your packaging so that your product is easy to identify at all stages of the supply chain. Your branding needs to be clear and legible on multiple sides of the box. The box itself needs to be constructed to survive the supply chain journey and protect the produces contained within.

Easy to open.

An easy to open shelf-ready package means it’s faster for your packaging to be opened, placed on the shelf and your products to be seen by customers. Retailers require SRP to open quickly and efficiently without the need for box cutters. Perforations should tear easily without damage to the front panel.

Easy to replenish.

Once opened, the packaging should be able to be transferred to the shelf in one easy step without losing structural integrity. The product packaging should also allow for the open boxes to meet the retailers requirements – single face, two deep etc.

Easy to shop.

Customers must be able to identify the products they are seeking quickly. Branding on the remaining part of the SRP that appears on the shelf, as well as the product packaging, must help your product stand out. Customers should also be able to remove and return a product to the shelf without damaging any packaging.

Easy to dispose of and recycle.

Retail staff must be able to quickly flatten your shelf-ready packaging for recycling transportation. Printing relevant recycling logos on your unit packaging helps with the recycling process also.

Shelf-ready packaging experts

Echo Cartons has been providing expert shelf-ready packaging to customers who supply goods to Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Bunnings, Costco and many more retailers for over 20 years. We work to best practices including the five easies and have detailed knowledge of the packaging specifications that each of these retailers require their suppliers to meet.

Echo Cartons can assist you with your shelf-ready packaging needs.
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