Folder Style Boxes (5PF, CCF and CF5PF)

Are you trying to work out how to package a long and/or thin item? Echo Cartons can help with a folder style box made with quality corrugated cardboard.

Typically, we see 3 main variants of folder style boxes, the Corner Cut Folder, the Five Panel Folder and the Centre Fold Five Panel Folder. All are supplied flat so that you can lay your product on them and wrap the box around your product to be sealed.

The Corner Cut Folder (CCF) is designed for flat items. Its unique design allows it to have multiple scores and therefore allow flexibility as to how much they can hold. The CCF is very well suited for shipping books, videos, picture frames.

The Five Panel Folder (5PF), when assembled, has multi-layered corrugated ends that make it an excellent container for the shipment of long and narrow items. It is an excellent solution for frames, doors, and a great alternative to a tube for posters and promotional goods.

The Five Panel Folder – Centre Fold (5PFCF) is much like the five-panel folder above. With the CF5PF, you set your product on the box and wrap the box around it. The difference is, with the CF5PF the flaps come together in the centre of the top of the box. This type of box is best for shipping flat items like framed items and signs.

Corner Cut Folders are popular due to ease and speed of assembling and sealing but can be a little weak in stacking strength and edge protection. The design on the Five Panel Folders and CF5PF’s combat that weakness but they do require some extra time in the assembly and sealing.

Echo Cartons has high tech machinery that can produce folder style boxes for everything from small books to mirrors, to doors, to huge signs. Whether it be posters, golf clubs, fishing rods, or picture frames, we can help provide a packaging solution to keep your product protected.

How do I know which folder style box I need?

There are pros and cons associated with each style. The correct decision can be part personal preference and part dictated by the dimensions needed. Contact us at Echo Cartons to get expert advice on the right packaging solution.

How long does it take to produce a custom sized five panel folder for my product?

Echo Cartons has a range of high-tech machines that are capable of producing custom size boxes. We maintain capacity on our machines to ensure that we can respond to urgent customer requests.

Why choose Echo Cartons for my folder style boxes?

It is critical that businesses seek out an experienced and trustworthy packaging provider that can help guide them. At Echo Cartons, we have decades of experience in the packaging industry. We have provided outstanding packaging solutions to businesses in a huge range of industries. Contact us at Echo Cartons to see how we can help your business today.

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