Gift and Presentation Boxes

Custom gift boxes showcase your products and brand, creating a positive customer experience. From a seasonal product release to corporate gifting – Echo Cartons’ presentation and gift boxes are a great solution for any Australian business.

Echo Cartons’ presentation boxes are also eco-friendly. All our boxes are fully recyclable at the end of their life, plus we can manufacture boxes from recycled materials.

Quality presentation boxes made in Melbourne

Echo Cartons are local box manufacturers with a factory in Braeside, Melbourne. We work with small-medium businesses to design and manufacture the best boxes for their business needs.

Gift and presentation boxes

Custom built for your products

We can take the profile of your products and create gift packaging that can hold and display them in a secure and beautiful fashion. A great design can ensure that your product shines, not the box it comes in.

Showcase your brand

Printed gift boxes can align to your brand style guide through the use of colour and images. We can assist your design team by providing guidelines that will produce the best results for printing on corrugated cardboard.

Eco-friendly gift boxes

Our cardboard gift boxes and presentation packaging are fully recyclable and biodegradable ensuring both you and your customers can positively contribute to reduced plastic packaging materials.

We also offer recycled box packaging, which has been made using recycled materials. This is another great way to invest in eco-friendly packaging that your customers will love.

Strong enough to ship around Australia

Whether you’re an online retailer with a seasonal gift box idea or a company who are gifting to employees around the nation – our cardboard gift boxes are strong enough for shipping throughout Australia.

Specialists in short runs

Unlike many box manufacturers, we have no minimum order size; even for custom designs. This helps small-medium businesses in Melbourne and around Australia find the best packaging solution in their budget.

“We were after a clean, simple and sleek design for 4 special beers and a stubby holder, and couldn’t be happier with how they are selling”.

Braeside Brewing Co

Presentation boxes can be really expensive, how do I produce one at a reasonable price point?

We can help with cost effective solutions. You have already invested in the product and labelling, use what you have, don’t repeat the process with outer packaging.  Keep the box simple and highlight your brand and the actual product.

What sort of printing method do you use?

We specialise in flexographic printing directly onto the corrugated cardboard. This produces a beautiful, organic-looking and eco-friendly result.  It also produces packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable.

How do we create attractive gift boxes without a graphic designer?

Our expert team can assist you with everything from designing your branding and imagery on the box, all the way through to guiding you on packaging specifications to help reduce your freight expenses.

Presentation boxes and gift packaging to showcase your products

We can help you hero your brand with gift and presentation boxes that perfectly match the products they hold. Request a free quote on the website and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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