Half-Slotted Carton (HSC)

Do you need a packaging solution suitable for food and beverages or other goods going into a retailer? Echo Cartons can help with a half-slotted container, made from quality corrugated cardboard.

HSC packaging is ideal for retailers

The Half-Slotted Carton (HSC) is much like the Regular-Slotted Carton (RSC) but with box flaps only on one end, leaving an open top on the other end. It therefore enjoys many of the benefits of the RSC style including being a highly efficient use of material. There is very little off cut waste in a HSC box design, making it not only a cheaper packaging option, but one that is better for the environment.

HSC boxes are especially useful when an open-top container is desired. For example, a half-slotted container makes a convenient and simple retail end-of-line bin display.

half slotted container box


HSC packaging is particularly handy when you need a cover or lid that can be repeatedly removed and replaced. They allow for protection and also easy access. In this case, we can provide a separate lid.


HSC cartons are highly versatile, allowing Echo Cartons to adapt to a huge variety of sizes. With understanding of your product and needs, we can ensure you get the sizing and strength required to ship your products safely and display them with pride.

Fast to supply

HSC packaging is extremely fast to manufacture on high-speed corrugated box machines. This significantly reduces production costs and allows you to have product delivered in the fastest possible time frames.

At Echo Cartons, we produce plain or printed HSC boxes for our customers with a standard 5-day lead time, even for new product work. This applies to boxes manufactured using standard board grades.


Echo Cartons supply half-slotted corrugated boxes and many other corrugated box designs to businesses around Australia. Every box is locally-made at our factory in Braeside, Melbourne.

What are HSC boxes used for?

HSC’s are great for shipping product to store and then displaying product in bulk. In fact, some major retailers insist on this style with an insert used through the delivery chain. We have the experience to ensure your packaging meets the retailer’s needs. We can help with getting the printing and design up to required specifications.

How long does it take to produce a custom HSC for my product?

Echo Cartons has a range of state-of-the-art flexo folder gluers capable of producing custom size boxes at high speeds. Our standard lead time is 5-days and we maintain capacity on our machines to help us respond to urgent customer requests.

Why choose Echo Cartons for my HSC boxes?

It is critical that businesses seek out an experienced and trustworthy packaging provider that can help guide them. At Echo Cartons, we have over two decades of experience in the packaging industry. We have provided outstanding packaging solutions to businesses in a huge range of industries.

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