Industrial Packaging

For over 25 years, Echo Cartons have been reliable local manufacturers of corrugated cardboard for industrial packaging.

Ultimate versatility for industrial clients

Our warehouse in Melbourne has all the right machinery for standardised industrial box manufacturing, custom design, bulk orders and short runs. Working with varied companies in automotive, tech, paper supply, engineering, machinery manufacturers and more – we’ve seen and done it all. Trust us for:

  • Boxes designed to protect your goods during shipping and storage
  • Boxes suited to wholesale and bulk orders from your clients
  • Custom industrial packaging made to fit unusual size or shape requirements
  • Boxes tailored to your every industrial packaging need
Industrial spare parts coming out of box

Strong industrial packaging for your supply chain

Industrial orders sometimes call for heavy-duty packaging. With double-walled design options and our combination gluer/stitcher machine to add extra strength at the join; we can help you ship bulky and heavy items with confidence.

Trusted manufacturers of every box style

We’re a one-stop shop for cardboard packaging needs. With RSC, HSC, folder style, partitions and die cut boxes in our range; all your industrial needs can be met at a single box supplier. We also support custom box design – both for box shape/size and branded printing options.

Fast service from a local supplier

Our standard lead time on new product work (including custom orders) is 5 days. Need even faster? We stock a wide range of plain boxes at all times in the online store.

With every box made at our factory in Braeside, Melbourne – we are the preferred box supplier for many local businesses.

“Thank you and your team for an amazing job on our boxes. The whole process was so smooth and uncomplicated. Look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Sue Wilhelm – Loaded Barrel Distillery

Can we design industrial packaging with our branding?

Yes – in fact, we recommend it! Branded boxes help make your business memorable, improve the customer experience and they look great. We regularly produce printed boxes for our clients across all industries and will be happy to do the same for you.

Is there a minimum order?

Unlike many manufacturers, we have the capacity for both bulk orders and short runs. We will say – the more you order, the more cost-effective it usually is. We’ll be happy to advise you on the ideal order size to get the most out of your budget.

How do we know which box to choose?

Knowing the ins and outs of carboard packaging isn’t your job – it’s ours. We’re always happy to advise clients on the ideal box design to suit their needs. This can be especially useful for industrial packaging where the obvious box choice isn’t always the best choice.

Request a quote for industrial packaging

We believe that no packaging solution is too hard, some just require a little more thought. To start your order with Echo Cartons, request an obligation-free quote from our team.

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