Person working in Echo Cartons warehouse
An A-Z corrugated cardboard glossary! When you’re new to cardboard box manufacturing, the acronyms and jargon (or common packaging terms) can make it seem complicated. We promise you that it’s not. To help customers break down the terminology and find the best packaging solutions – here’s Echo Cartons’ A-Z glossary
Different types of boxes
How many types of corrugated boxes are there? Understanding the different types of corrugated boxes available to you is important in deciding which design will meet your needs without wasted time or money. So, we’re breaking down three types of boxes to choose from, plus the different styles you can
Picture of damaged cardboard box
Designing great cardboard packaging is not overly complicated, but it helps when you have plenty of industry experience like us. To help you avoid disaster – here are 5 of the most common packaging design mistakes, plus advice on how to avoid them. 1. Placing beauty before function Certain box
Cardboard boxes on production line
Corrugated cardboard is a lightweight material. That’s one of the reasons it makes such great packaging options. But, some applications require a sturdy box. When you need packaging with extra strength – is corrugated cardboard up to the job? Absolutely. Here are a few methods we use to create strong
Solar panels at Echo Cartons
Don’t tell HR we were up on the roof! We wanted to show you our new solar panels in action, helping deliver solar energy to our production facilities. Recently, Echo Cartons installed a commercial 100kW Solar System that means our energy production is now renewable. We also invested in new
Corrugated cardboard box used for grocery shelves
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing packaging for grocery items. Will this box be easy to stock? Will it be eye-catching in-store? And, most importantly, will it keep food fresh and safe to consume? We have some good news – corrugated cardboard packaging is a great