Local packaging producer

Local packaging producer

The past 12 months have seen many Australian companies bring their manufacturing back to Australia. Having a local packaging producer supplying materials quickly to production sites helps companies reconsider their business resilience strategies.

Bringing manufacturing back to Australia with a local packaging producer

There are many benefits to shifting your manufacturing, and having local cardboard packaging can be a part of the solution.

Faster packaging production lead times times

Having your local packaging producer located in the same geographic vicinity as your manufacturing plant results in faster lead times when you do not have to factor in the time required for shipping or sending over a distance.

You don’t need to order a whole container

With a local packaging producer, you only have to purchase what you need.  There’s no need to order 10,000 units just because you have to take a whole container.  Echo Cartons can make and deliver smaller quantities, saving you costs and valuable warehouse/storage space.

Customer service in your time zone

The ability to pick up the phone in your local time zone to talk to a local customer service representative makes dealing with orders, changes and any questions both faster and more convenient.  Our team are here during your business hours to help you.

Lessen your environmental impact

Corrugated cardboard comprises a significant amount of air.  Its lightweight construction is why it appeals as a packaging choice.  However,  shipping this material from overseas is highly inefficient because of its low weight.  International freight for corrugated cardboard is not a green solution. At Echo Cartons, we source sustainable materials from reliable local sources.  Our cardboard boxes are also fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We make packaging easy

Echo Cartons is a premier cardboard box supplier and manufacturer supplying quality custom cardboard boxes. If you are moving your manufacturing back to Australia, we can be a part of your local packaging solution.

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