Lock in pricing for 12 months

Echo Cartons staff working in warehouse

COVID lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages! The challenges facing businesses at the moment are significant. There are also indicators that inflation pressures are now on the rise with inflation in the USA hitting 7%. While pricing pressure hasn’t quite reached those levels in Australia, we expect to see inflation running above the current 3% level.


As business owners and managers, it seems inevitable that we will have to deal with some inflation – be it transitory or midterm. This leads to three choices – an impact on margins, finding offsetting cost reductions, or passing it on to the consumer. None of these choices are easy.


At Echo Cartons, we appreciate the current pressures and want to assist our customers wherever possible. To avoid any unexpected price changes, request a quote from us today. We will hold your price steady for 12 months for any new product ordered before 31 March 2022, helping you lock in your packaging costs for new products for 2022.


This is a limited offer.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us soon.

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