How to Manage Packaging Rush Orders

A super successful sale event, a new product line that just can’t wait, or a moment of forgetfulness that you wish hadn’t happened – there’s lots of reasons you might need packaging ASAP. Our team have worked in the packaging industry for over two decades, so we understand that there are times when a rush job couldn’t be avoided. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help.

First, we want you to know that we’re often prepared. Echo Cartons maintain capacity on our machines to help us respond to urgent requests. Second, we wanted to share some advice. When it comes to placing a rush order, you have a lot of options. Here are our top tips for packaging rush orders.

Explaining packaging lead times

When it comes to fast orders, every cardboard manufacturer will have a different idea of what counts as ‘in a rush’. It all depends on their regular packaging lead times. Anything less than this, would be considered a rush order. The packaging lead time refers to how long it takes to produce your packaging. This may or may not include delivery timeframes – so be sure to check.

At Echo Cartons, we have a 5-day lead time on new packaging orders. This applies to all the standard board grades. The lead time begins once your order is confirmed and deposit paid. This usually means it’s not 5-days from your initial enquiry or quote, although this isn’t unheard of either. You can always count on our team to be doing everything in our power to get your boxes ready ASAP.

Our lead time does not include time for delivery. With a factory in Braeside, Melbourne; we can deliver products throughout the metro area quickly. For other regions of Australia, we recommend arranging your own transport and if you’re in a rush, consider an express courier.

We’ve built a reputation in the industry for fast service and quality boxes. Most of the time, our 5-day lead time is more than adequate for packaging rush orders. But, there is the rare case where ‘in a rush’ really does mean fast. In that case, here’s a few tips on what you can do to get packaging arranged ASAP.

Order stock packaging

The fastest packaging on the market is plain stock packaging. At Echo Cartons, you can order stock packaging from the online store. Many of our popular stock boxes are already on hand. Which means, orders placed by 12pm can be processed and packed by the next day.

Choose standard board grades

As mentioned earlier, the 5-day lead time at Echo Cartons applies to all standard board grades. This is because these are the grades that we regularly have in stock. Choosing a standard board grade means we can begin manufacturing as soon as your order is finalised.

Cut back on custom design

For the best custom-designed boxes, we recommend taking your time. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make custom boxes in a short timeframe. It can work if you’re prepared to cut back and make efficient decisions.

Custom design covers a wide range of boxes. On the simpler side, it means a regular box that has custom printing or design – like a branded RSC. On the complex side, it means custom die cutting and intricate design work. Producing custom boxes in a short timeframe is all about prioritising. You might need to decide between time spent on the size and shape of your box versus time spent on print designs.

Having your designs ready to go is also a big plus on a rush order. At Echo Cartons, we use flexographic printing – which comes with a few best practice tips. Our flexo printing guide covers all the details you need for a successful flexo print design. Send us an email to request a copy of the guide.

Find a local manufacturer

A lot of the time, delivery is what holds up a packaging order. While a packaging company might have time to manufacture your boxes, their delivery service may be slow. This is especially true for overseas delivery – which can take a few weeks. Choosing a local manufacturer can help cut down on delivery time. It means travelling less distance and avoiding time-consuming processes like international customs.

3 tips for managing a rush order

Rush orders tend to come with a bunch of stress. While we understand why it feels that way, we also wanted to share a few tips for managing a rush order.

1. Stay calm

When you first contact a packaging company about a rush order, it’s important to stay calm. Explain why you need such a fast order and be prepared to negotiate. We will do our best to fit your order in, but we might also need you to be flexible.

2. Listen and learn

While you may have an idea of what packaging you want, it may not fit in with your production timeline. With over 20 years’ experience in the packaging industry, our team are trusted experts who can give you solid advice. We want you to have the best quality packaging in the time you need it. So, trust our expertise and take our advice on board to get your packaging sorted ASAP.

3. Be responsive

Getting packaging done quickly requires an effort on both sides. We’ll do our best to get orders and designs to you quickly. All we ask is for you to respond in a timely manner as well. The sooner you help us sign off on your order, the sooner we can get to producing it.

Fast service for quality boxes with Echo Cartons

Echo Cartons is a family-run business who have built a strong reputation for friendly customer service and great quality boxes. With a factory in Braeside, Melbourne – we’re the box manufacturer of choice for a wide range of Australian SMEs. For fast service and quality packaging, visit the online store or contact our team.

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