Solar energy helps deliver more sustainable packaging

Solar panels at Echo Cartons

Don’t tell HR we were up on the roof! We wanted to show you our new solar panels in action, helping deliver solar energy to our production facilities.

Recently, Echo Cartons installed a commercial 100kW Solar System that means our energy production is now renewable. We also invested in new light fittings: energy efficient LED’s for the office spaces and LED high bays for the factory floor. Combined, these efforts help us cut down on overall energy usage while at the same time increasing our own energy production.

For our valued clients, this means partnering with a company that has a greener future in mind. By making our operations more sustainable, we’re helping your production lines become more sustainable too.

Alongside our commitment to waste recycling these are some of the steps we are taking to care for our planet and still manufacture great boxes every day.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our sustainable packaging options.

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