Stock Packaging vs Custom Packaging: Which is Better?

Stock packaging vs custom packaging

It’s an age-old question in the packaging industry – is stock packaging or custom packaging the better choice? There’s no single answer here. It really depends on how you plan to use it. To help you make smart choices, we’re sharing our expertise on stock packaging vs custom packaging.

What is stock packaging?

Stock packaging refers to ready-made boxes which come in a range of generic sizes and styles. They are usually white or brown in colour and feature no labels or branding. Businesses simply pack their goods, add a shipping label and it’s good to go. Stock packaging is fast to manufacture and typically sold in large quantities as the more you order, the cheaper it becomes.

You can order stock packaging from the Echo Cartons online store. We have regular stock on hand for the most popular box styles which means your order can be ready in 1-2 days. With no minimum order quantity, it’s a simple solution for businesses of any size.

Who needs stock packaging?

Stock packaging is a great option for new businesses. When you’re just starting out, you want to keep costs down. Choosing the simplest packaging options can help with this.

Stock packaging is also ideal for external packaging uses. For example, a wholesaler whose products will be unpacked for retail shelves. In this case, your internal packaging might carry your branding while generic external packaging will be for delivery purposes only.

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What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging has been specially designed to meet your product or business needs. It can include printed designs, logos and other brand marks that help you stand out. It also creates the perfect fit – helping to protect your products in transit.

Custom packaging is usually more expensive, once you factor in planning and design. But, the cost can easily be worth it when you consider how much it improves the customer experience and the value it adds to your product.

Who needs custom packaging?

Custom packaging is a top choice for any customer-facing business. It can help your product stand out on crowded shelves, possibly increasing sales. It might help your business earn word-of-mouth referrals through recommendations or unboxing videos. Overall, it’s a great way to make your customer experience memorable and positive.

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Which is better for your business?

Now that you understand the differences between stock packaging and custom design – you might have a clear idea which you need. If not, here are a few extra questions you can ask.

What is your budget?

For smaller budgets, stock size is usually best. If you are interested in custom design options – request an obligation-free quote from our team to help you compare costs.

Is your brand well-defined?

When you spend time designing a custom box, you want to use it for the long-term. If your brand or products are likely to change, you might want to stick with stock packaging. But, once you do have the basics down – there’s a lot of good reasons to swap to custom boxes.

How fast do you need boxes?

Stock packaging is ready within 1-2 days, while custom designs take up to 5 days with Echo Cartons. Even though 5 days isn’t long to wait, we know that sometimes there is a tight deadline that can’t be moved. Ask yourself if you have the time for custom design before committing to it.

Is it a special product line?

Limited edition products and gift sets are one place that custom box designs really shine. At Echo Cartons, we make your products the hero – not the box. Specially designed packaging can also make your product more appealing to customers and increase the value of your gift set.

Who is the end user?

Possibly the biggest question of all – who will be opening your boxes? Custom design is a great way to enhance your customer experience and make your brand feel more professional. But, there are plenty of industries where that’s not as important – like fresh produce that will be unpacked straight to grocery shelves. In these cases, stock packaging can do the job just fine.

Corrugated packaging for every business need

Whether you decide on stock packaging or custom design, Echo Cartons can bring your ideal packaging to life. With two decades of manufacturing experience – our team are experts in every industry and box design. Ready to begin? Request a quote for custom design or head to the online store to order stock packaging.

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